Hello hello I am Rovei, So I want to do a table in the artist alley in Katsucon! I heard that registration is open from today (August 29th) to… September 1st. I really really really really want a table and I’m looking for someone to do a table with me! If you’re interested, please please please send me an ask!! Also it would be really nice if you had experience with having a table because this is my first time in a con ever!!!!! Anyway, here are some of my art! I hope that you guys will think that it is worth your time. I plan to make more if I get in of course, and I can only improve from here, right?

If you want to see more of my art, please tell me and I’ll link you some more! I’m pretty sure that a lot of the art that I’ll have will be Tokyo Ghoul, Kill la Kill, and whatever shows I watch in the next few months. Thank you and if you want to know anything else, REALLY FEEL FREE TO ASK ME STUFF I DON’T BITE. ?

If I ever date someone I want to ask them all the childhood stories not because I’m sad that I don’t know their pasts but because I friggin love stupid stories like that one time when I was 7 I shook the Korean president’s hand in Hawaii and told him to please start running the country well.


Sometimes I wish I can draw more art for my art blog bc my art blog is full of old art that I’m too lazy to delete and I don’t wanna post anything other than my art in fear of it turning into something like a hedgehog appreciation blog.

I think we went over this before.